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Custom Sewing & Designing

Do you need a dress custom made and know exactly what you want? Do you need help designing what you want? Either way, we can do that for you.

We custom make Wedding Dresses, Veils, Special Occasion Dresses, and Heirloom Items. To see more items that have been custom made, please go to the photos page.

Our designer, Fatima Bey, has a special passion for heirloom wedding gowns. This is where we take a gown that has been preserved from the mother, for example, and remake it into a modern style dress for the daughter, niece, or whoever. Heirloom items are not just limited to modifying wedding gowns. We can also make a wedding gown and create a christening gown or accessories with it. The sentimental value in this is just priceless! Fatima will work with you one on one to create your unique design. This does require much time and a lot of very meticulous careful work. For this reason, the starting price for an heirloom wedding is $2,000. Materials are at an additional cost. If this is something you’re interested in, please contact Fatima today.

To have something custom made, please contact us.