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Abishai Policies

Clean Clothes

If we are altering garments that are not new, to please wash/dry-clean (please refer to the recommendations on the specific garments care tags) the items before bringing them in to get altered. This is especially true for cat hair. The owner is severely allergic and may refuse garments covered in cat hair. If a garment is soiled, we may require that you have it cleaned before we alter it for you.

Proper Shoes and Undergarments for Women’s Fittings

Please have the shoes that you intend to use with the garment that you will have altered, particularly gowns or floor-length skirts, for your fitting. If you do not have the exact shoes yet, you may substitute with any shoes of the same heel height. Additionally, for gowns, or any corseted or tight-fitting garment, it is imperative to have the undergarments that you intend to wear with the garment. This includes any slips, bras, Spanx, etc. This will ensure a perfect fit for when wearing your garments in their customary fashion.

Skirts or dresses that are not floor-length do not require the shoes to be on hand.

Custom Made Items

All of the details of custom made items are agreed upon before the project is started. Once the details are agreed upon, it is written on the order form and final. If there are any desired changes to be made while the item is being made, you must contact the designer immediately. We try our best to accommodate, but this is not always possible with every project. There may be extra costs associated with design changes. You are responsible for these extra costs.

Additional Information

We are not responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy or plastic surgery.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this site or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.