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About Abishai

Pronounced: Abba-shy. Abishai was originally started by Fatima Bey in 2010 in Albany, NY.

The Abishai Vision

Abishai desires to grow into a large entity based on quality services and quality merchandise. The motivation to grow and become a large entity is to have the finances needed to help young women and children in the world. Abishai considers the trafficking of young women and children to be a very important cause and will always give a portion of its earnings to help the fight against human trafficking. Therefore, as the business increases, so will the monies given to help rescue young women and children around the world! So, when you do business with Abishai, you’re not only helping yourself; you’re changing lives!

The owner was featured in a blog post, further driving this point home.

Fighting Human Trafficking with Needle and Thread

If you would like to donate directly, please go to KinshipUnited.org

Why the Name Abishai?

Abishai was originally a nephew of the Biblical King David. He was the chief warrior, relentless, and a mighty man. He was, in the end, David’s most dedicated warrior and known for getting results. The name Abishai means “source of wealth”.


Who is the Owner?

Fatima Bey, the owner and designer at Abishai, began sewing at the age of 10. Fatima has over 20 years of retail and management experience in the fashion industry. She used to be the Alterations Manager at a very high volume David’s Bridal and was there for about 10 years. Fatima considers her time at the bridal shop to be extremely valuable. Being an Alterations Manager allowed her to sharpen her professional sewing and management skills. Fatima is also a Sewing Teacher for a couple of colleges and other facilities in the capital region.

Fatima was also featured on “Today’s Women” on NBC.

A business with a cause