Preservation and Cleaning

We are now offering Wedding Gown Preservations. If you are just looking to have your gown cleaned only, we do that also. Here’s where we’re different: We will actually come TO YOU to get your gown! Pick ups and deliveries are available within a 20 mile radius of Clifton Park, NY. You may also set up a time to drop it off at the Abishai studio, if you prefer. We will go over the entire dress with you, mark and note every detail in person. We do not take your dress until every concern has been addressed. This includes bead work and fixing rips or tears. The cleaning is done locally by a trusted professional who has been in the business for over 40 years. By having your preservation or cleaning done with Abishai, you have a local human being who is accountable and you can directly interact with! You can’t get this with sending your precious dress to some faceless mail order mass produced business. All dresses are handled by hand and one at a time. For this reason, it does take approximately 4 weeks to complete. Please read the details for both below.

Why Should I Get My Gown Preserved?

Over time, many things can happen to your gown. Put it in a box in the attic. Hang it in a closet. Fold it in a storage bin. Come back months or years later: You find that spiders and other critters have laid eggs in it. Aaaaahhhh! Stains that weren’t there before are now appearing. Mildew. The fabric begins to easily come apart when you pull it out. Stains that were already there are now so set in that they won’t come out. Obviously, none of these sound too appealing for your gown. They are all common occurrences with gowns that are NOT preserved.

Why do you care about your gown after the wedding? Do you want to do anything with it in the future? Does it hold sentimental value? Perhaps you want your daughter, niece, granddaughter, etc. to be able to wear it in the future. Perhaps you want to use it to make a christening gown. This is such a wonderful idea! What if your daughter doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit her? What if it’s out of style by then? All of these are legitimate concerns. Have you ever heard of heirloom wedding gowns? Our owner and designer, Fatima Bey, actually specializes in them. Her love and passion for wedding gown preservation comes, in part, because of heirloom wedding gowns. An heirloom wedding gown is any gown that is passed down from generation to generation. Your wedding gown can be made into a brand new modern style dress for the next one if it can’t be worn as is. The sentiment of being able to pass down something so precious is just amazing! This can only happen if you preserve it.


The preservation process starts with fixing any bead work, tears, etc. It is then cleaned by hand before the dry cleaning process. This is done as to ensure no details are missed and fabric is properly handled. The cleaning process removes all of those invisible sugars and other stains that damage or yellow over time. No harsh chemicals are used on your precious dress. We use a virgin solvent.  Once the dress is fully cleaned, it is then pressed and put onto a bust form and arranged into the the preservation box. The paper and box are acid free. It is then sealed with a special air tight tape. Preservations are guaranteed for 100 years. It is strongly recommended that you get your gown preserved within a week of the wedding. The longer the stains sit there, the more opportunity they have to set in and become permanent.

In order for the dress to truly be preserved, the box must be sealed air tight. This means that you will not be able to see the dress. The inner box does have a window exactly as pictured above. If you would like to see your dress before it is sealed, that is an option. We will ask. We can bring it to you unsealed for your viewing and then seal it right then and there in front of you. Preservation is $300. No extra fees.


If you are looking to have your dressed cleaned, but not preserved, we can do that too. Just as with preservation, we will fix bead work, tears, etc. Cleaning is done meticulously by hand and therefore, can take some time. The typical turnaround time is 4 weeks, however if you need it by a certain date we may be able to accommodate. Just ask. We won’t make any promises we can’t keep, but do want to be as accommodating as we can. Pressing of the dress is included with the cleaning. Cleaning is $200. No extra fees.

Other Details

Delivery/Pick Up date is an approximation. Pick up indicates you will pick it up at the Abishai studio. Turnaround time is typically about 4 weeks. This can vary during the busier time of year. If the dress is needed in less than 4 weeks, we can rush it for you at no extra cost. This must be first discussed and agreed upon at the time the dress is taken. You will be called once your dress is ready. Any accessories accompanying the dress, such as veils, are included at no extra cost. Bridal capes are considered separate items and will cost extra. You must thoroughly look over the dress with the Abishai representative and note all concerns before the dress is taken. The only exception is the typical soiling in the hem, arm pit, and neck areas. Those are automatically focused on as they are usually the soiled areas. Although we can guarantee 95% of stains can be removed, there’s always the rare one that cannot be removed. We can guarantee that what does not come out will be kept from getting worse over time because of our cleaning process. In order to truly be preserved, the box must be sealed with a special air tight tape. This means you will not be able to see the dress. If you would prefer to see the dress first, let us know. If you choose this option, the box will be sealed in front of you once you’ve looked at it. Preservation and Cleaning services available for wedding gowns and their accessories only. Preservation is guaranteed for 100 years. Payment in full is expected the day the dress is taken.